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We are an Evangelical Anglican Church in the heart of Kings Lynn, committed to serving God, each other and our community.


We seek to live out our Church life around the three most important relationships in our lives: with God, with each other and with the world.


Our relationship to God is something, which we seek to live out throughout the whole of our lives. As a church, we are nurtured for this, through Sunday worship, prayer times and house groups or Bible study groups. We place a high value on Bible teaching, and we seek to cover a range of themes: those which help us to gain knowledge of our amazing God, and those which help us to live out our Christian life in practical ways.


We believe that God gives us one another as a gift and so friendship and care is important to us. We have a pastoral care team, who take care of each other in illness, and we visit those church members who can no longer come to church. We also have regular socials just to join together and have fun. As a church, we are fairly relaxed and informal, and people often say that in visiting St John’s, they receive a warm welcome.


We also believe that God calls us to serve and reach our world. We therefore want to be a church, which looks outward to serve others. We have many groups for those in the community: Messy Church, Film night, Musical coffee morning and our new group Welcome Inn, which simply opens our door to anyone wanting tea, coffee, cakes and friendship.

We are by no means ‘the perfect church’ (is there such a thing?) but we like to think that we are friendly, and are seeking God, and what He is doing in us. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch or feel free to come along to any of our groups, or to a Sunday service. You’ll find details of all of these on the website.